Our Parents


   We test all parent dogs using Embark DNA, OFA and Penn-hip



Our F1 red/dark apricot mini goldendoodle. He has great structure that is often hard to find in an F1 mini weighing in at 33 lbs. His most remarkable trait is is playful attitude. As long as he has his ball, all is right in the world. 



Our original doodle.  She is a light apricot F1b mini weighing in at 22lbs.  Her most remarkable trait is her sweet cuddly snuggles.  She is in Heaven as long as she is laying next to daddy.  

Trixie is now retired.  


He is our newest stud.  He is a dark sable F1b weighing in at 27 lbs   Wisnton was the pick of the litter for a litter between Fozzie and an outside black and white parti poodle.   His most remarkable trait is his loving disposition.  Those eyes will make your heart melt.



She is our newest dam.  She is a chocolate multigen weighing in at 43lbs. As she grows she will turn in to a beautiful silver beige that also carries for parti.  Her most remarkable trait is her attentiveness and  desire to please.  The natural eyeliner is a close second.