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     Our Guarantee

Thank you for choosing Mini Me Doodles. We want to make this an enjoyable experience for you and your family. We are here for you from today forward. We will keep you up to date with information about your puppy as he/she grows via pictures and videos and you are welcome to contact us with any questions.


Purchase Agreement

We require a $200 reservation fee to be placed on our list. The order in which your reservation fee arrives secures your position for your pick in the litter. The reservation fee will be submitted via invoice.

Once the puppies reach 5 weeks of age, individual puppy picks will begin.  At that time, an additional $300 deposit is due and the total deposit {$500) is then non-refundable, unless there is a problem with the health of your puppy. In that case, the buyer will have their choice of a full refund or of transferring that reservation fee toward another puppy. The balance will be paid on or before the day you pick up your new puppy. 


We do not ship puppies under any circumstances. However, we are happy to meet you at the airport if needed.  Charlotte is our nearest flight hub.

**Raising a puppy takes time, patience and commitment. Please make sure that this new puppy will be a fit for you and your family before submitting payment for your reservation fee.


Health Guarantee

  1.      The puppy will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. We will not, under any circumstances, let the puppy leave before it is ready. There is an additional $50 per week charge for puppies kept longer than 10 weeks of age.

  2.      The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale.

  3.      The puppy will be up to date on shots and dewormed at the time of pick up. It is very important that you continue the vaccinations and worming as we will not be responsible for vet bills. Please do not expose your puppy to other dogs that are not vaccinated until he/she has completed the entire vaccination schedule – around 16-20 weeks old.

  4.      The puppy will have been vet checked and microchipped and deemed in good health at the time of sale.

  5.      The buyer, at their own expense, should have the puppy examined by a Licensed Vet within 4 days of receiving the puppy.

  6.      At that first visit (within 4 days) the licensed vet finds the puppy to be   unhealthy or unfit for sale, the puppy may be returned for a full refund – provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected. The veterinarian must provide a written statement deeming the puppy “unhealthy for purchase.“

  7.      This guarantee does not cover any health issues caused by neglect or injury from the buyer.

  8.      This guarantee does not include minor illnesses and health issues such as colds, allergies, internal or external parasites or umbilical hernias. However, the breeder will disclose any known illnesses or health issues prior to the sale.

  9.      The breeder assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses incurred after the sale.

  10. The breeder assumes no responsibility for training difficulties or behavior problems. Buyer is encouraged to enlist the help of a certified dog/puppy trainer to assist in training.   

  11. The breeder does not guarantee size. We will give the buyer the weight of the puppy’s parents and the weight of other puppies out of that mating. We can give the buyer an educated guess as to full grown weight, but there are too many variables besides genetics.

  12. The breeder does not guarantee fertility or ability to place in shows. The puppy is strictly sold as a TOP QUALITY PET.

  13. If for any reason you are unable to keep the puppy, you agree to return the puppy to Minim Me Doodles. If puppy is returned, Seller will refund to buyer any rehoming fee obtained minus $500 deposit and any vet/training expenses incurred to make the puppy rehomable. 


Long-Term Health Guarantee

The breeder guarantees that the parents of all puppies are genetically health tested prior to mating and gives a two year guarantee against any congenital defects of the puppy for any genetic diseases known to be testable at the time of mating.  If a covered genetic disease that severely interferes with the dogs quality of life is found within 2 years, buyer may either have a replacement puppy from the next available litter or Mini Me Doodles will pay up to the cost paid for your puppy in vet fees. 


This guarantee only applies to the original purchase of the pup. The guarantee is voided if the condition was caused by injuries acquired through training, play, or other activities, or if the puppy has been neglected, malnourished, or allowed to become obese.

If for any reason you are unable to keep the puppy, You agree to return the puppy to Mini Me Doodles.


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